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Debbie Primmer

Senior Executive Assistant to the C.F.O.

As Rosales Law Group Sr. Executive Assistant to the Chief FInancial Officer, Debbie Primmer is responsible for the assisting the CFO in the overall operations of the firm.In Debbie's previous experience she served as Human Resources Manager for a multi-million dollar corporation and has established herself over the last decade in customer service, billing and management of internal operations.  Debbie has had years of experience as ofiice manager for two prestigous law firms in New Mexico.  Debbie currently serves on the board of directors for Rosales Law Group, P.C. as Treasurer.  Debbie's attitude, experience and dedication has been a perfect fit for Rosales Law Group, P.C.

​As Sr. Executive Assistant to the CFO, Debbie Primmer is responsible for assisting in the overall financial operations of the firm's Albuquerque office, which currently consists of 5 attorneys. Her responsibilities include recruiting and evaluations of all non-attorney staff; human resources; benefit administration; financial management; and facilities planning.

Debbie serves on the Executive Board for Rosales Law Group, P.C.

​Different talents and personalities meet and complement each other in our Group so as to ensure a balanced growth and to rank Rosales Law Group, P.C. as a premier Law Firm.

Debbie Primmer offers real career opportunities to our future employees with a compensation and benefits policy which takes into account individual and group performance.