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Rosales Law Group, P.C., "A Tradition of Excellence... A Vision for the Future."

Rosales Law Group, P.C., concentrates its practice on the vigorous and ethical representation of the injured as well as the survivors of those who have died as a result of the carelessness of others. A continuing focus is the representation of members of the LGBT community, for whom the task of locating quality representation has always been difficult. Within the arena of civil wrongs, Rosales Law Group, P.C., prosecutes cases representing individuals, consumers, and small businesses, in personal injury, vehicular accidents, slip and fall accidents, negligence, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, construction defect, breach of contract, funeral home negligence, LGBT employment discrimination and other significant tort actions. Rosales Law Group, P.C., provides quality civil trial capabilities for its clients. At Rosales Law Group, P.C., we recognize the enormous commitment of resources necessary to represent our clients, and therefore limit the number of cases we handle at any given time. Each case is accepted and prepared with the dedication and attention necessary for trial. While settlement is always considered, we believe the difference between getting an expedient settlement and a just award often comes down to an attorney's preparation of the case, commitment to the client, and the ability to follow through at trial. We have a very strong record of success confronting our clients' wrongdoers in the courtroom. Our goal at Rosales Law Group, P.C., is to provide our clients with an adequate monetary award for their damage. All ethical steps required will be taken toward this end. Due to the limited nature of our practice, we are able to focus our resources and skills to act quickly, forcefully, and effectively. When a client is accepted, momentum is immediate.

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