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Auto Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer in New Mexico

We are New Mexico insurance trial lawyers who represent plaintiffs:  insurance policyholders, both individuals and businesses.  We hold insurance companies responsible for the wrongful denial of claims. In our experience, if insurance companies didn't act the way they do; there would be no need for attorneys to get involved. But, the sad reality is that they do not always act fairly or serve your best interests. At Rosales Law Group, P.C., we handle automobile loss claims that an insurance company has unfairly denied.  These include claims for vehicle theft; damage to the insured's or another's vehicle; personal injury of the insured or another person; and losses caused by uninsured and underinsured motorists.  Often, when these claims are denied, you need a car insurance bad faith attorney on your side -one with decades of experience in handling these very types of insurance claims. 
New Mexico Car Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys Insurance companies deny claims in different ways.  They offer "lowball" payments to compensate for a loss.  They unreasonably delay payment.  They avoid paying for a loss based on "exclusions" in their policies, even when they know the claim is covered under the policy.  And they use other unfair claims-handling practices to cheat consumers out of policy benefits. Worst of all, they count on the policy holder to feel powerless and take no action against them.  Seek legal advice immediately if you believe your claim has been unfairly denied. In New Mexico, the unreasonable denial of claims is called "bad faith."  New Mexico law empowers policy holders to recover additional money - above the value of the claim -  from insurers who deny claims in bad faith.  An insurer that denies a claim in bad faith and in conscious disregard of the policy holder's rights can be required to pay punitive damages.
If you believe your automobile insurance claim was handled in bad faith or unfairly, call our Rosales Law Group, P.C., attorneys today for a free evaluation of your case.  Or, fill out the contact us form for a free evaluation.
At Rosales Law Group, P.C., we aggressively, yet ethically, fight for the rights of policyholders.  We fight with true grit to hold insurers responsible when they deny their policyholders insurance benefits to which they are entitled. We offer a free evaluation of your case.  We represent insurance policyholders on a contingency-fee basis, which means that our clients owe us nothing unless and until we recover money for them.