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Motorcycle Accidents

We have all seen or heard of the horrible aftermath of motorcycle accidents. Anyone who has suffered such a serious accident cannot hesitate to retain the counsel and representation of a skilled New Mexico personal injury lawyer. That's where Rosales Law Group, P.C. attorneys come in. We work with Motorcycle Accident Victims. Motorcyclists almost always suffer catastrophic injury when they are hit by another motorist. Common injuries range from road rash and broken bones to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Quality motorcycle helmets and protective clothing have been known to reduce the severity of these injuries and to save lives, but the damages can still be severe and deserve to be compensated by the party responsible for the accident.

Establishing Liability for Motorcycle Accidents

Many people jump to conclusions and assume a motorcycle accident was the fault of a reckless motorcyclist. Although this is true in many cases, most motorcycle accidents are the result of a negligent motorist who fails to notice a motorcyclist sharing the road. Drivers of cars, trucks, and vans often change lanes or turn corners without looking over their shoulder for motorcyclists. In cases such as this, where the motorcyclist was doing nothing wrong, the fault belongs with the other motorists. They are therefore responsible for compensating the injured motorcyclist for all medical bills, property repair or replacement, pain, and suffering.

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